Korg Updates Mini Kaoss Pad & Mini Kaossilator To Version 2

Korg has announced the mini Kaoss Pad 2 and the Mini Kaossilator 2. In addition to inheriting powerful effect programs from the Kaoss Pad KP3 and the Kaoss Pad Quad, The mini pad provides an MP3 player with adjustable pitch. Use it as a DJ playback device, or use it to process the entire output of your DJ rig with Korg’s Kaoss effects. The Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display provides enhanced visibility, which complements a touch slider, microSD card slot, plus a built-in speaker and mic.
The design of the touchpad allows mini KAOSS PAD 2 users to control multiple effects and parameters by simply stroking, tapping, or rubbing the Kaoss touch pad with their finger. Using this attribute, you can easily control effects in complex ways that would be impossible on a conventional effect unit, almost as though you were playing an instrument.

» Control effects in real time using the touchpad interface
» 100 effect programs, ideal for DJ mixes or sound design
» 3 Program Memories provide instant recall of favorite effects
» FX RELEASE applies a natural “tail” to the effect sound
» Powerful Looper, Vinyl Break, and Ducking Comp effects borrowed from the KAOSS PAD QUAD
» Use the “Hold” feature to memorize a position on the touchpad
» Built-in Auto BPM detection
» Internal mic plus external audio inputs
» MP3 player with microSD card slot for data storage/exchange;
» Perform on the mini KAOSS PAD 2 without needing any other equipment!
» Support for pitch change and cue point settings allows serious DJ play.
» Record your performances
» 6 preset loops for use as audio demos sample
» Easy-to-read screen uses high-visibility organic EL (OEL) display
» VALUE slider allows smooth parameter control
» Battery operation and built-in speaker for portable action
» Realtime touchpad control

100 diverse, ready-to-play effect programs are packed into the mini Kaoss Pad 2, including many inherited from the Kaoss Pad KP3. These include standard effects such as Flanger, Filter, Delay, and Reverb, as well as three new effects that first appeared on the Kaoss Pad QUAD: the powerful Looper, Vinyl Break, and Ducking Compressor. When you take your finger off the touchpad, the FX RELEASE automatically adds a delay effect so that the effect blends smoothly into your song or performance, and avoids abrupt effect dropouts. When using an effect (such as aggressive distortion) that has a completely different character than the unprocessed sound, enabling the FX RELEASE ensures that the effect will blend naturally into the tracks of your song.
For DJ use and live performance, the mini KAOSS PAD 2 provides three Program Memories for instant recall of your favorite effects. The Hold function freezes the effect parameters based on your finger’s current location on the touchpad for hands-free operation. Auto BPM detection syncs the applicable effects to the tempo of the song, so that everything continues to move in sync for a professional performance. These features provide the mini KAOSS PAD 2 with extreme DJ potential. The mini Kaoss Pad 2 offers a built-in mic that can be used as a “shout” mic during your DJ performance. And yes indeed, you can apply the effects to the mic sound.

The mini Kaoss Pad 2 provides an MP3 player that can play back audio data from a microSD card. You can save your favorite songs on a card, and apply real time effects to the song as it plays. Store sound effects or other audio material that you want to use during your DJ session, or save your favorite song data and then enjoy applying various effects to it. Unlike previous KAOSS PAD models, the self-contained mini Kaoss Pad 2 allows you to perform without requiring any additional equipment as input sources. Both the WAV format as well as the MP3 format is supported: WAV files (16-bit, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, stereo) – MP3 files (44.1 kHz@128, 192, 256, 300 kbps, stereo, VBR supported). A microSD card can be used for saving MP3 data, and also to capture your mini Kaoss Pad 2 performance into the master recorder as WAV format data.

The playback speed of the internal MP3 player can be varied using the VALUE slider. The mini Kaoss Pad 2 also allows you to set a cue point specifying where in the song playback will start. In addition, the VALUE slider can be used as a fader to adjust the volume balance between the external audio input and the MP3 player, allowing the mini Kaoss Pad 2 to be used as a serious DJ player or a simple mixer.

Mini Kaossilator 2

Introduced in 2007, the Kaossilator gained quick traction in the marketplace and launched the Kaossilator Pro and iKaossilator for the iPhone. Now comes the next generation of the original, the Kaossilator 2. Boasting a powered-up sound generator, Kaossilator 2 delivers synth and drum sounds spanning a wide range of genres, plus dramatically expanded loop recording. Use two loops to create DJ-like mixes. Use the internal mic to record guitar, vocal, or other audio source – just as with a looper effect. The Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display provides enhanced visibility. Add to that a touch slider for ease of use, microSD card data saving, plus a built-in speaker and mic.
korg koassilator2
The unique interface allows melodies and phrases to be played by simply stroking, tapping, or rubbing the touchpad. Horizontal motions control the pitch; vertical motions control aspects of the tone such as filter cutoff, feedback, or modulation depth. When using a drum kit program, multiple sounds can be played simultaneously, and you can even play the touchpad as if it were a drum pad.
The intuitive design and amazing flexibility of the touchpad allows users who are not keyboard players to perform easily, as well as creating performances rich with tonal changes that could not be produced on a keyboard instrument.

» Play the synthesizer simply by using your finger to stroke, tap, or rub the touchpad
» 150 built-in sounds cover every style of dance music
» PCM sound engine serves up realistic drums
» Scale Key and Note Range eliminates “wrong” notes
» Built-in Gate Arpeggiator with adjustable gate time and swing settings
» Loop Recording allows the creation of layered phrases with unlimited overdubs
» Dual Loop Recording banks allow DJ-Style mutes and cross-fades
» Record using the built-in mic; or use the mic input for recording of external input
» microSD/SDHC card slot for saving loops and recorded performances
» Operation linked with KORG iKaossilator for iPhone
» Easy-to-read screen uses high-visibility organic EL (OEL) display
» VALUE slider allows smooth parameter control
» Battery operation and built-in speaker for on-the-go enjoyment

The 150 ready-to-play sounds cover a broad range of styles including hip-hop, house, dubstep, new disco, and electro. In addition, the Kaossilator 2 provides a solid set of synth sounds such as synth lead, synth bass, acoustic sounds such as piano or guitar, and even sound effects for DJ use. PCM sound generation provides drum sounds and drum performances that are more realistic than ever. There are 15 Drum Kits in the Kaossilator 2. Each Drum Kit consists of instruments such as kick, snare, and hi-hat. In addition, there are 25 Rhythm Loop patterns that let you create drum phrases simply by moving your finger.
The Kaossilator 2’s Key and Scale features ensure that the notes being played will match the song being performed. Use the Key setting to specify the musical key or “root.” Choose any of 35 scales, ranging from popular scales such as chromatic, major pentatonic, and minor blues, as well as unusual scales such as Spanish, Ryukyu, and Raga. By using both the Key and Scale settings to match the song, you can play perfect solos without a single wrong note. In addition, the Note Range allows you to specify the range of playable pitches. You can set this to a narrow range to ensure that melodies will be played accurately as you intend, or to an extremely wide range to allow unexpectedly dynamic and unconventional phrases to emerge. The fifty built-in gate arpeggiator patterns can automatically generate phrases and beats by simply moving a finger across the touchpad. As a new capability of the KAOSSILATOR 2, you can now edit the arpeggiator’s gate time and swing settings so that musical phrases are created exactly as you intended.

The Kaossilator 2’s Loop Recording feature can overdub touchpad performance as many times as you like. Thanks to the Scale/Key settings, the results will always sound musically appropriate, each and every time. By combining the two loop recording banks, you can create new performances that were not possible on earlier Kaossilator units. Different sounds and phrases can be recorded onto each of the two loops. These loops can then be cross-faded or muted, or the loop length can be changed in realtime to create dynamic live performances.

The Kaossilator 2 offers both an internal mic as well as an auxiliary mic input. This combination allows the loop –recording of nearly any audio source. Plus, you can easily mix different audio sources, so that as a loop phrase created using the Kaossilator 2’s internal sounds plays in the background, you can overdub your own rap, vocal, or other external sound, or enjoy a loop recording session with a musical collaborator, such as a guitarist.

A microSD card can be used to save loop recorder data. In addition, performances played on the Kaossilator 2 be recorded using the master recorder, and stored on a card. Whenever an important musical idea begins to take shape, it can easily be saved, and can even be used later as part of a studio production. This is also a convenient way to share Kaossilator 2 performances on the Internet. The Kaossilator 2 also acts as an audio player, and can play back performances created using the master recorder. Supported file formats: WAV files (16-bit, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, stereo)

You can use the Kaossilator 2 together with Korg’s iKaossilator for the iPhone/iPad. This allows audio data to be transferred between the kaossilator 2 and iKaossilator, and lets you use the two devices in a BPM-synchronized performance. Disclaimer: Linked operation will be enabled by an update for KORG iKaossilator for iPhone. The update is expected to be released in March 2012.

Both the Mini Kaoss Pad 2 and the Kaossilator 2 feature a comfortably curved body that makes it both stylish and extremely easy to play. The high-contrast OEL (Organic Electroluminescent) display clearly shows the names of the sounds, features, and parameters, and ensures excellent visibility, even in a dimly lit DJ booth or stage. As with the touchpad, the VALUE slider is also touch-sensitive. By sliding or tapping your finger (as appropriate for each function), parameters and functions may be controlled smoothly. Lightweight and compact, the new Kaoss products are slim enough to fit easily in your hand or pocket. The energy-efficient design allows it to operate everywhere on just two AA batteries. The headphone output provides privacy for playing and experimenting alone, and can also be used to connect the Kaossilator 2 to another audio device.


Author: FutureMusic

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