Amidio Releases Songineer Composing App For iPhone

Amidio has released the Songineer App for the iPhone, which claims to allow you to pump out a track in mere seconds. This Instant Composer allows the iPhone user to create short, inspiring music pieces that can be dished out literally in seconds and shared with your friends right away.

“Whenever you’re a travelling musician or just looking forward to throw in some cool melodies, you’ll love the error-forgiving simplicity and user-friendly beauty of Songineer.”

You’re a little bit scared now aren’t you? According to Amidio, “there is simply nothing between you and the countless billions of awesome melodies, laid out on five pre-defined layers: beat, bass, keys, lead and atmo. Four 32-step patterns can hold a massive amount of thrilling polyphonic motives and cutting solos, enriched with on-board send FX: Tape Delay and Grand Stereo Reverb. The simple, thumb-oriented structure of the interface is the icing on the cake for anyone willing to make music without any tedious hassle.”
Amidio Songineer
Songineer is a unique scale-based sequencer, bundled with 30 original scales, which make the search for that perfect note combination a complete breeze. The innovative DNA Keyboard leaves no chance for any bad-sounding notes, and in connection with the big piano roll-style sequencer window it provides excellent quantized loop-recording and editing possibilities. Since the scales can be changed on the fly and the sequencer data is independend from the scales, the workflow process is highly addictive and gives fantastic results.

Manual input of the beat patterns is easy, but leave it to the Beat Randomizer, which is capable of producing of more than 256,000,000 rhythms. The beats make use of a dedicated beatpad keyboard with fixed drumkits and have their own LP/HP filter. It takes only a couple of taps to export the whole track to a MIDI file for using the freshly-generated ideas in studio work later on. Among other export options are .WAV, .M4A and multi-track dry .WAV.

Songineer comes with 20 great-sounding instruments and 5 modern drumkits, but you can extend your arsenal with 60 more instruments and 15 drumkits, available in 5 packs from the bundled sound shop. The carefully-selected samples come from the best hardware synths and drum-machines and blend perfectly with the latest-generation Amidio’s CrystalClear audio engine. Audio and MIDI sharing are carried out through the new audio hosting service, created especially for mobile music apps. The URL to your track can be posted on Facebook or Twitter right from Songineer’s main menu without any unnecessary steps.

» Unique Scale-Based Sequencer
» 4 Polyphonic Instrument Layers
» 8-Channel Stereo Drum Machine
» Beat Randomizer! You don’t have to create beats manually.
» Extremely fast and simple workflow
» 20 Instruments, 5 Drumkits
» Advanced Polyphonic CrystalClear Sound Engine
» DNA Keyboard
» In-App Sound Shop with 5 Instrument/Drumkit Packs
» Ouput to .WAV, .M4A, .MID. multitrack .WAV
» One-tap Audio & MIDI sharing online via
» Built-in help guide

Amidio’s Songineer App costs $1.99 and is available now via iTunes.


Author: FutureMusic

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