Weekend Fun: The Mystery Of The Beached, Giant Lego Minifig

Jeff Hindman discovered this A 100-lb, 8 foot tall, Lego Minifig beached in Siesta Key, Florida this past week. He snapped the photo below of the minifig fabricated from fiberglass and sent it over to the Boing Boing blog.
Beached Giant Minifig
Now here’s the kicker: This is not the only reported instance of a giant minifig found washed up on shore. In 2007, a similar statue washed ashore in Holland, and a year later another one surfaced in Brighton, England. The statue is called “Ego Leonard,” and his shirt reads “No real than you are.”

Florida locals and authorities are baffled, but if you look carefully at the name, Ego Leonard, the L-Ego moniker is not hard to see…
Could this be the work of a performance artist? The Danish manufacturer? Or something else??

Sarasota County carted off the Giant Minifig and will hold on to it for 30 days. If no one claims it, they’ll give it back to Hindman, who told the Sarasota Herald Tribune that he’ll put it on eBay.

Author: FutureMusic

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