Bose Unveils Two Uber-Expensive Soundbars

Bose has unveiled two new Soundbars for people with fat wallets who like sleek, shiny things…we can’t say much about the sound since Bose refuses to make their specs public. However, the Lifestyle 135 and CineMate 1 SR are soundbar versions of Bose’s similarly named home theater systems. The LifeStyle features an attached iPod dock and 4 HDMI inputs while the CineMate connects to the TV with a single connection – both come with a separate subwoofer.
boz soundbars
Both systems sport self-detection technologies that claim to adapt their sound output based on the room and whether they’re mounted horizontally or vertically. Bose FlexMount automatic placement compensation senses whether the speaker has been placed horizontally on a table, or mounted vertically on a wall. It then automatically adjusts the sound, offering owners two choices for soundbar setup with the same assurance of spacious, natural sound. Bose ADAPTiQ audio calibration technology offers another performance assurance: the system will deliver optimal sound in any room. This Bose advancement first recognizes where the system is located, and then compensates for how the acoustics of the space affect its audio quality — customizing the sound for the room’s unique size, shape, even furnishings.

The Bose Lifestyle 135 costs $1,500 and the CineMate 1 SR costs $2500.


Author: FutureMusic

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