Wooji Juice Premiers Hokusai – Free Audio Editor App

Wooji Juice has released Hokusai, a new multitrack audio editor for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Hokusai is a portable editing tool with a suite of filters and special effects available. Record or import a track, and get to work editing. Wooji claims their app is “more than just trimming the ends of your recording, more than just cut, copy, paste and delete.” We know that’s not a lot to go on, so here’s what else they had to say:

Edit many tracks side-by-side, mix them together, and export to wave or mp4 format — then transfer them to your computer via USB or Dropbox, or send them to another app on your device.

Hokusai is streamlined to give you a clean, clear view of your tracks. Use the familiar pinch and swipe gestures to zoom right in and fiddle with fine detail, or step back to see the big picture. You can select pieces of audio just like selecting text in other apps. Live “scrubbing” means you can hear the sound under your fingertip as you make your adjustments. And you needn’t fear a bad edit with our full undo/redo support: as many levels as space allows.

Hokusai comes free with a set of useful tools such as fade in/out, normalise volume levels, reverse time, and basic synthesis. If you need more power, you can upgrade from inside the app to add new tools and effects, including: AudioCopy/AudioPaste, grain synthesis, noise gating, time-stretching, pitch-bending, echo, reverb, modulation (AM & FM), resonance, distortion, grunge, vocal levelling, high/low/band-pass/notch-cut filter and more. From fun toys like monster voice, to audio nerdcore tools like DC offset and signed/unsigned format fixups, Hokusai has you covered.

Wooji Juice’s Hokusai is available from the Apple App Store.


Author: FutureMusic

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