Sony Announces Three New Walkman Digital Media Players

Sony has announced the NWZ-A860, NWZ-S760BT and NWZ-E460, three new Walkman MP3 players. The three new Walkman models share a new design and include enhanced features such as Media Go software to easily transfer music, videos, playlists and photos to your Walkman player. Users can drag and drop unsecured data from iTunes for Windows, Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer.

New Sony Walkman

All three new models also feature Sony’s exclusive Clear Audio Technologies for sound quality and include a Karaoke Mode, bookmarking with multiple playlists and a language learning function. Users can also create channels with the SensMe feature, which keeps your music in tune with your mood by automatically categorizing your music tracks into different channels. The synchronized lyric feature allows users to load .lrc files for songs and set the lyrics to scroll by in sync to the music. Built-in voice recording uses the integrated microphone and adjustable bit rate to make the voice recording function easy to use. Multiple high-quality audio and video formats are supported by all three new models, giving users more freedom to download the files they want.

The A-Series and S-Series models introduce streaming via Bluetooth to wireless headphones, compatible car audio head units, speaker docks and other Bluetooth-enabled devices while the E-Series introduces five new colors – black, red, blue, green and pink.

The Walkman A-Series NWZ-A860 claims to deliver “the best-of-the-best audio experience.” With integrated Bluetooth streaming, touch-screen audio/video playback and wireless photo sharing, the Sony NWZ-A860 series Walkman player offers a compelling portable audio listening experience. Bluetooth capability and an elegant design, and comes equipped with premium earbuds for maximum comfort and a premium audio experience.

» Sony’s exclusive Clear Audio Technologies – Dynamic Sound Enhancement Engine, Clear Stereo and Clear Bass Audio Technologies for deeper, richer sound.
» New S-Master MX digital amplifier technology reduces noise level and distortion
» Integrated Bluetooth
» A 2.8″ WQVGA (400×240) TFT touch screen
» Hybrid operation system provides intuitive touch panel controls and traditional button controls for playback.
» Photo Transfer feature via Bluetooth
» Cost: 8 GB for $179 or 16 GB for $219

The Walkman S-Series (NWZ-S760BT) delivers the freedom to enjoy your music wirelessly. Users can experience music unplugged with included Bluetooth headphones, multiple format audio/video playback, wireless personal photo sharing plus legendary Sony audio quality.

» Experience music wirelessly and stream audio to other compatible devices with included premium Bluetooth wireless headphones
» Sony’s exclusive Clear Audio Technologies – Dynamic Sound Enhancement, Clear Stereo and Clear Bass Audio Technologies
» Battery life – up to 50 hours of music playback and 10 hours of video playback
» Bluetooth Photo Transfer
» A 2.0″ QVGA (320×240) LCD screen
» USB cable and both wireless and standard headphones are included
» Cost: 8 GB – $149

The Walkman E-Series (NWZ-E460) comes in a variety of colors and designs, allows listeners to extend their everyday style and personality to their MP3 player. The Sony E-Series Walkman MP3 Player delivers up to 50 hours of music – with video and photo playback plus FM radio. With great functionality and an eye-catching, youthful style at an affordable price, the E-Series is available in 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB versions.

» 2″ QVGA (320×240) high-brightness color LCD screen
» Sony’s exclusive Clear Audio Technologies
» Battery provides up to 50 hours of audio playback or 10 hours of video playback per charge
» 5 colors to choose from, including black, red, blue, green and pink.
» Cost: 4 GB – $79; 8 GB – $89; 16 GB – $109

The Walkman A-Series, S-Series and E-Series will be available September 2011.


Author: FutureMusic

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