Vengeance Trots Out New Mastering Bundle

Vengeance has announced a new Mastering Plug-in bundle, which includes five Stereo Plug-Ins in one big bundle. This collection of quality stereo processors claim to be the perfect mastering solution for every contemporary producer with other utilities including the ability to create stereo material out of mono material.

vengeance mastering plugins

Details are somewhat scant, but here’s the obligatory feature set…

» VST / PC & Intel Mac VST / AU & RTAS – runs in all compatible hosts
» 32 / 64 Bit and VST3 standard
» 5 Plugins in one Bundle: VMS Bundle, VMS Shifter, VMS Expander, VMS Stereo Splitter, VMS Analyzer, VMS MIDI Transmitter
» complete stereo channel strip: manipulate everything in the stereo field you want
» great for mastering, but also for solo instruments (vocals, basslines, synths etc…)
» outstanding graphic live feedback: see what you do!
» 3 high quality EQs
» mono 2 stereo processors: create stereo information from mono material
» stereo compressor (taken from VMS Multiband Compressor)
» realtime FFT analyzer, realtime stereo vectorscope, realtime waveform view
» output limiter
» modulation envelope – creative and experimental results: apply a synced envelope to stereo mix level, mono mix level etc.
» all parameters can be automated


Author: FutureMusic

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