Moog Premiers MF-108M Cluster Flux MoogerFooger

Moog Music has premiered the MF-108M Cluster Flux, the newest addition to the MoogerFooger line of analog effects. Functionality combined with warm, analog sound come from the all-analog circuitry. The Cluster Flux is capable of providing classic flanging, chorusing, and vibrato effects, but is also capable of a much wider range of modulated delay line effects than traditional stomp boxes in this class due to the wide range of the front panel controls, the multi-waveform LFO, as well as CV and MIDI Control.

Moog Flux

The MF-108M Cluster Flux claims to be more powerful than traditional chorus/flange effects offering musicians the added modulation of multiple LFO waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp and Random, to create many kinds of new modulated BBD Delay effects. MIDI IN allows control of Delay Time, Range, Feedback, Output Level, LFO Waveform, LFO Rate, LFO Amount and Mix.

» The ability to sync LFO modulation effects to MIDI Clock or Tap Tempo
» The ability to control Delay Time w/ MIDI Notes for “tuned” flanger comb-filter effects
» CV control of Delay Time, LFO Rate, Feedback, LFO Amount, Mix
» Send/Return Insert for external processing of BBD signals
» A second output configurable via DIP switches for different types of stereo outputs
» A Spillover mode allows for creation of interesting drones and other feedback effects.
» Control of Delay Time, Mix and Feedback in Chorus setting for extreme chorus effects
» Bi-polar feedback design creates Flanging effects w/ even or odd harmonic emphasis.
» Wide-ranging LFO Rate for very slow to audio rate modulation
» Input/Output Level controls for use w/ wide range of devices.

Moog’s Cluster Flux FM-108M will be available at Moog Dealers in the fall for 600 beans.

Moog Music

Author: FutureMusic

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