Controller Battle – West Coast Controllerism Championship – June 25th, San Francisco, CA

On June 25th the Controller Battle – West Coast Controllerism Championship will be held at Public Works in San Francisco, California, USA. This Next-Level Live Music Competition supported by San Francisco’s LoveTech and Slayer’s Club communities, together with the tireless efforts of one of the pioneers of controllerism, Matt Moldover, are joining forces to present this innovative and unique event.

Controller Battle inna West Coast Stylee - June 25, 2011

With support from our generous sponsors, Controllerists from San Diego to Seattle are converging on the sleepy town of San Francisco and stepping up their game to compete for the championship title. The founders hope that the West Coast Controller battle will “celebrate the birth of a new era in music performance and witness an epic clash for gear and glory.” FutureMusic is a proud sponsor of this event.

The best controllerists of the West will face off in 2.5 minute, tournament-style performance combat. Competitors are judged on musicality, virtuosity, innovation,
showmanship and audience reaction. The only limitation: a maximum of two instruments and a computer, but the challenge is to harness the untapped potential of new music technology, live on stage for a audience of peers.

Complementing the battle will be exhibition performances by Ean Golden and Moldover, guest DJs, celebrity MCs, and other assorted characters of the genre. The victory celebration continues late night with a debut set by Future MousePet (Mochipet + Future Freddie + Joey Mousepad). In addition, there will be educational workshops, and a hands-on Digital Jam Lounge area featuring the latest gear from our sponsors.

Sponsored by: Ableton, C A/V, Cycling 74, DJ Tech Tools, FutureMusic, iZotope, Keith McMillen Instruments,, Livid Instruments, Novation, PC Audio Labs, Pyramind, Tech Shop, Traktor DJ Software, and Visionary Instruments.

Controller Battle

Author: FutureMusic

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