TunerMatic Unleashes The Robotic Guitar Tuner

As Seen On TV!

We don’t know if this product is real, or a full-on prank, (Their name, coupled with the 70’s style infomercial (see below), certainly doesn’t help their credibility… —Ed.) but TunerMatic takes the self-tuning concept from the Gibson Robot guitar and “turns” it into a portable tuning system.
New Invention Tunes the guitar for you. How much would you pay for this cutting edge technology? $99.95?$74.95? — How about $49.95!! But wait there’s more!!

If you act now, TunerMatic will include the complete Sham-Wow chamois cloth set! Not enough? How about some leftover Ginsu knife stock? Still not enough? How about Korg’s latest Electribe featuring a convenient toilet paper dispenser, LED flashlight and can opener!

TunerMatic’s Robotic Guitar Tuner costs $50 and operates on one 9-volt Alkaline Battery, not included. Works on any six string electric or acoustic guitar with an output for a guitar cord. Acoustic guitars without built in pick-ups require acoustic guitar adapter – sold separately.

TunerMatic Robotic Guitar Tuner

Author: FutureMusic

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