de la Mancha Releases Ditto Delay Plug-In

The nutters at de la Mancha have released ditto, a creative delay VST plug-in for Windows that utilizes randomized tempo-sync modulation to provide a constantly changing but musical delay effect.

de la mancha ditto

A user can randomize the delay time, feedback and filter cut-off with independent left and right channel modulation. Reverse delay can also be randomly set to change things up even more. All delay times are tempo-synced to your host, with up to 6 different selections that can be randomly selected. The randomization is also set to change in tempo-sync, so the results always sound musical and rhythmic.

You can use ditto for subtle variances in repeating patterns, constantly evolving soundscapes or just some good old random craziness. It is very suited to drum patterns and rhythmic / percussive loops, but is also great on pads, leads, basses and just about anything you’d like to randomise for effect.

» Tempo-sync, randomly-modulated, stereo delay for adding variance and randomization to patterns
» Randomization of delay time, feedback, filter cut-off and delay direction
» All randomized parameters can independently change in tempo-sync with host (1/32 beat to 32 beats)
» All randomized parameters can also be made static independently
» Random selection of up to 6 different delay times (1/32 beat to 32 beats)
» Delay time can be independent for the Left and Right channels
» Feedback and Filter cut-off amount of randomization can be controlled and smoothed
» Feedback and Filter cut-off can be independent for the Left and Right channels
» Feedback direction amount of randomization can be controlled
» Filter resonance control
» Overdrive control on the feedback signal
» Wet / dry control on the feedback signal

de la Mancha’s ditto costs $19 and is available now. More information on de la Mancha ditto.

Author: FutureMusic

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