Korg Announces Kronos Workstation

Korg has announced the Kronos Music Workstation, a new mega-synth with nine distinct sound engines and a host of other cutting edge technologies for professional synthesists. The Kronos, with its infinite sonic possibilities, will certainly appear to high-end studios and professional sound designers who are looking for the latest technology to set themselves apart from the sample-based masses.


Nine Sound Engines:
» SGX-1 Premium Piano: VMT (Virtual Memory Technology) Piano sound engine
» EP-1 MDS Electric Piano: Multi-Dimensional Synthesis Electric piano sound engine
» CX-3 Tonewheel Organ: Tonewheel organ modeling sound engine
» HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer: Flagship PCM, sampling and Wave Sequencing sound engine
» AL-1 Analog Synthesizer: High-fidelity analog modeling sound engine
» MS-20EX Legacy Analog Collection: Analog modeling sound engine
» PolysixEX Legacy Analog Collection: Analog modeling sound engine
» MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer: VPM, Waveshaping, and PCM processing sound engine
» STR-1 Plucked String Synthesizer: Physical modeling sound engine

New technologies added to support these engines include Korg’s VMT (Virtual Memory Technology), allowing Kronos to take advantage of huge piano, drum, and tape-based keyboard libraries. These long, unlooped samples play back directly from the internal SSD (Solid State Drive), without needing to be loaded into RAM.

» An eight-inch color TouchView display
» A four-way joystick, ribbon controller, and two assignable switches, with an additional Vector joystick nearby
» Nine sliders, eight knobs and a number of illuminated switches for real-time interaction

New performance features have been added. Smooth Sound Transition keeps held or sustained notes and their effects sounding when changing sounds or switching from Program to Combi mode (or vice versa). Set List mode allows all of the Programs, Combis, and Songs needed to get through a set to be organized into one convenient screen for instant selection. Text messages can even be added, reminding the player of key song lyrics, stage cues, etc.

Kronos is available with 61, 73 or 88 keys. The 73 and 88 key models feature Korg’s RH3 Graded Hammer Action. Including RH3 action on the 73 model is an often-requested feature, creating a lighter and more portable instrument that retains authentic piano feel. The 61-key model borrows the responsive synth action from the Korg M3-61.

Enhanced production features include a sequencer featuring 16 MIDI tracks and 16 audio tracks, along with KARMA® phrase generating technology, Drum Tracks, and RPPR to greatly speed up the creative process. The effects suite offers 12 Insert Effects, 2 Master Effects, and 2 Total Effects – and over 150 effect types to choose from. Versatile inputs and outputs include analog, S/PDIF optical, and USB to provide MIDI/Audio connectivity between Kronos and a computer.

More information on the Korg Kronos.

Author: FutureMusic

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