Waldorf Announces PPG Wave 3.V Plug-In

Waldorf has announced the PPG Wave 3.V, a reincarnation of the lPPG Wave synthesizer developed by Wolfgang Palm as a VST or Audio Unit plug-in.


The PPG Wave 2 was the first digital wavetable Synthsizer with analog filters. Unfortunately, the technical limitations of the time, created issues such as aliasing noise, which could not be avoided then, but now make up the character of the PPG. To recreate the sound of the original as closely as possible, original developer Wolfgang Palm was also involved in the development of the software counterpart. “We are proud that Wolfgang has always been helpful with advice and tips in order to reproduce the original sound,” says Waldorf-CEO Joachim Flor.

The combination of digital waveforms and analog filters of the hardware PPG’s created a unique sound that Waldorf claims is accurately reproduced by the PPG Wave 3.V to the smallest detail. The aliasing can be changed on request, as the sound of the PPG Wave 2.3 and the PPG Wave 2.2 was different. This way users users can choose which alias is created. You can also set cutoff and resonance differences.

Depending on the host computer the Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V may be able to produce up to 256 voices per instance. Per voice, it offers two wavetable oscillators with selectable sample playback in 8, 12 or 32 bits. Also, a certain analog “imperfection” is simulated, which supports the basic warm and fat sound.

The sound production follows a 12 dB / 24 dB low pass filter, and an overdrive behind the filter provides additional sound options. Next to LFO modulation sources there are three additional envelopes to choose from, corresponding to the slightly coarser resolution of the original modulation. If needed you can also select finer settings.

The original PPG distinguished itself by its unique user interface, because the “Analog Control Panel” provided direct access to the most important sound parameters, whilst the digital menu pages presented the digital innards in numbers and cryptic abbreviations. The Waldorf PPG Wave 3 V recreates this interface, however the parameter names and values shown are a little easier to understand so users always know which values they just changed.

Waldorf’s PPG Wave 3.V will be available mid november for €169 in the VST and AU flavors. More information on the Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V.

Author: FutureMusic

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