Bugbrand Unleashes The WOM Pro

Tom Bugs has released The Workshop Oscillator Machine (WOM) Pro, a simple do-it-yourself kit to introduce some basic electronic techniques in workshop events. The WOM is a compact one-board-synth featuring 3 oscillators (with pitch dials, plus range and sync switches), 3 channel mixer / drive / tone section, power starvation (stable or instable switchable) 1/4″ jack out or onboard mini-amp, 9 dials, 8 switchs, 11 body contacts and 9v battery operation.

Bugs WOM

As of October 2010, the kits have been updated to V.3.1 status and all kits for sale outside of workshop events, have been give the PRO designation. They feature the nice mini-pots as found on the Weevil designs and include absolutely ALL parts. Kits are easy to put together and all you only need are a few basic tools (Soldering Iron / Solder / Wire Snippers) to make your dreams a reality.

The Bugbrand WOM Pro costs £50 and is available now. More information on the Bugbrand WOM Pro.

Author: FutureMusic

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