Doepfer Announces Dark Time Analog Sequencer

Doepfer has announced Dark Time, an analog sequencer for their Dark Energy synth.

Doepfer Dark Time

» Two time lines with 8 controls each
» Each step:
— rotary control (same knob type as Dark Energy)
— red LED
— three-position switch On/Off/Skip
— three-position switch Stop/Continue/Jump
» Several operating modes:
— 1×16 (i.e. the two rows are daisy-chained)
— 2×8 (i.e. both rows run in parallel)
— custom mode (e.g. three times row 1 and the once row 2, probably not yet available in the first firmware version)
» Several running directions: forward, backward, random
» Several voltage / tuning ranges: 1V, 2V, 5V (corresponding to 1/2/5 octaves)
» Quantization on/off/custom scale
» Transpose via switch (-1/0/+1 octave), Midi/USB or external CV input
» Timing control, selected by a three position switch:
— Internal via built-in clock oscillator with frequency and pulsewidth controls
— external via Midi/USB
— external via analog clock/start/stop
» Analog interface for CV/gate/clock/Start-Stop (inputs and outputs, 3.5 mm miniature jack sockets)
» MIDI interface
» USB interface
» Basic parameters are set in the configuration mode (e.g. Midi channel for row 1, Midi channel for row 2, » MIDI clock dividing factor, custom scale, custom running mode)
» Optically adapted to Dark Energy (same knobs, same depth and height, same wooden side plates and so on)
» Powered via external power supply (12 AC/min. 400mA) for 230V

Dark Time can also be used in combination with other MIDI, USB or CV/Gate gear as well.

Doepfer’s Dark Time will cost €500 and will ship at the end of 2010 or early 2011. More information on Doepfer Dark Time.

Author: FutureMusic

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