Hige Five Releases Aura Flux Ambient Music iOS App

Hige Five has released the Aura Flux, an ambient music app for the iPad and iPhone. The auto-generative ambient music App claims to allow you to create complex, evolving melodies with just a few taps of the touchscreen.

Intuitive graphics and sound collide to forge a hands-on musical experience that encourages users to be visual with their audio production. Aura Flux is like an interactive dot-to-dot experience, where each picture created generates an individual and totally unique soundscape. It leaves behind more traditional processes of making music, taking it to a place where moving objects in space dictates the sounds that are produced.

» 48 High quality stereo instruments
» 14 Stereo background ambience sounds
» 4 Seasons (keys)
» Unlimited generative music
» Full save and load of scenes
» Multitouch playback of instruments
» Universal App – one purchase for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad
» Supports multitasking on iOS4
» Volume, Trigger Rate, Pitch, Additional Note, Pulse Speed and Decay settings for each node
» Solo each node
» Instrument preview
» Under 8MB

With 48 Instruments, 4 Seasons (keys) to choose from and a constantly evolving background ambience, Aura Flux makes for endless music creation possibilities. Chains of notes are created by visually connecting nodes using the multi-touch interface. These nodes can be customised by setting the pitch, trigger rate, volume, decay and adding additional chord notes. By layering these chain reactions together the user can easily produce lush sounding ambient melodies and with the option to randomise many of the settings can introduce elements of generative music into their creations.

As with the first Aura, the keys are locked to certain intervals so that it’s impossible to create harsh dissonance or unpleasant-sounding harmonies – you can choose from a range of these keys (or ‘Seasons’) ranging from Mixolydian to more minor sounding modes, which vastly change the character of the piece. To compliment the melodies being produced by the interacting nodes, there are a number of background ambience pads that serve to knit together a more coherent piece.

Aura Flux developer John Whitmore said: “Aura Flux was designed to be as simple, fun and as powerful as possible. You can dip in for 5 minutes or get lost in it for hours. With Aura Flux we’ve developed a completely new interface that gives the user more control, at the same time radically simplifying the process of creating detailed and organic ambient music. We’ve also included a ton more sounds and options that really free the user to unleash their creativity.”

Hige Five’s Aura Flux costs just $1.99 / £1.19 and is available now. More information on Hige Five Aura Flux.

Author: FutureMusic

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