Wok Releases BFS-1 Frequency Shifter Plug-In

WOK has released BFS-1, a virtual recreation of the Bode Frequency Shifter. Different from a pitch shifter, a frequency shifter moves all frequencies/harmonics by adding a fixed amount. The sound is similar to a ring modulator, but in contrast to this, it is possible to get the upshifted and downshifted signal seperately.

Wok BFS-1

Unlike a ring modulator, the frequency shifter is also capable of changing the signal by a small amount (1 Hz) to obtain effects known as “Barberpole flanging.” (We prefer the nomenclature: Stripperpole Flanging. —Ed.)

This plug-in has some additional features like feedback delays in the shifting sections, an LFO (all host synced), an envelope with MIDI trigger and an envelope follower to modulate shift and/or volume.

Wok’s BFS-1 is available now as a Windows VST Plug-in for €33. More information on Wok BFS-1.

Author: FutureMusic

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