Generic Audio Unleashes Preceptor – Analog Compressor / Limiter

Generic Audio have released Preceptor, a two-channel, analog, hand made audio compressor/ limiter. Preceptor’s gain reduction is handled by a transistor in the differential amplifier circuit with Zener diodes stabilization.

generic audio preceptor compressor limiter

Preceptor’s two-channel (stereo/dual mono), pure analog dynamic processor house two independent mono blocks sharing common enclosure, the ON/OFF switch and the LINK/DUAL MONO switch. Special care has gone into the design of the power supply of the Preceptor for better sound quality, lower noise and unwanted distortion elimination.

Preceptor’s power supply is based on a 60VA toroidal transformer, which is made on our special order from properly selected cores. It is characterized by the highest quality, good supply of power, silent operation and excellent electrical parameters. It has a core and windings impregnation, electrical shielding (between windings) and magnetic (external screen), its center is flooded with resin. The transformer has an anti-vibration mount. On the primary side of the transformer a special EMI filter is installed. It filters out any interferences that can enter the device from the electric network. Signal sections are separated from the power supply section by solid metal partitions.

Every channel has its own rectifiers and secondary voltage stabilizers. Generic Audio has designed a special filtering stage with high capacity capacitors (10000µF) and special active filters (based on discrete elements) eliminating noise and ripple. The power of all stages is symmetrical and every section has independent stabilization, which keeps the voltage range of +/- 0.01 V. All the voltage stabilizers are mounted to the common heat sink which cools them evenly . Furthermore, the heat sink acts as an additional shield.

The Preceptor has only rotary and toggle switches installed to obtain the best repeatability of the all settings. Thus You can easily return to your favorite settings. By using 1% low-noise metalized resistors and gold contact rotary switches, we succeeded to obtain (in the link mode) the difference between levels and characteristics of two channels in a range of +/- 0.1 dB.

The Preceptor has installed a high performance, no compromise, professional input transformers made by Carnhill Transformers Ltd. All elements in the signal path and the sidechain section are built from the high quality discrete elements (low-noise transistors, ultra low-impedance electrolytic capacitors, precision film capacitors, precision silver-mica capacitors, 1% low noise metalized resistors, etc.) Only in the blend section transparent IC’s were used for uncompressed (DRY) and compressed (WET) signals mixing. The gain reduction is made by a transistor in the differential amplifier circuit with Zener diodes stabilization. Therefore, there are 16 Zener diodes, of course manually selected and matched.

» Inputs: Balanced XLR
» Outputs: Balanced XLR
» Ext. sidechain inputs: Unbalanced TS
» Signal transformers: Carnhill
» Bypass: hard relay bypass
» Input impedance: 300? or 1200? switched on the front panel
» Output impedance: < 50? » Frequency response: 20-22.000Hz » Maximum input level : + 21 dBu @ sensitivity +4 dBu » Maximum output level: +23 dBu » S/N ratio (A-weighted) : better than 85dBu » Meter: 0 to -20dB gain reduction » Gain reduction made by: a transistor in the differential amplifier circuit with Zener diodes stabilization » Dynamic modes: limiter, compressor » Speed modes: fast, medium, slow » Attack: 5ms – 600ms » Release: 10ms – 10s » External sidechain: YES » Sidechain filtering : OFF, 40Hz, 80 Hz, 120 Hz, 200 Hz, 320 Hz » Blender (parallel compression) : yes » PSU: internal » Fuses type: 230V : 500mA (slo-blo; 5x20mm) /115V : 1A (slo-blo; 5x20mm) » Power consumption: 60W » Dimensions (WxHxD) : 483x133mm (3U) x 245mm » Weight: 6,4kg Generic Audio’s Preceptor is available now for €1925. More information on Preceptor.

Author: FutureMusic

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