Weekend Fun: Bust These Moves To Score Chicks

Psychologists at Northumbria University report they have determined what the best moves a guy can bust out on the dance floor if he wants to score chicks. These so called Psychologists claim that when women watch men dance they make conclusions about his health, virality and strength.

“The study, led by psychologist Dr Nick Neave and researcher Kristofor McCarty, has for the first time identified potential biomechanical differences between “good” and “bad” male dancers.” Frankly, I don’t think you need a bunch of guys in white coats telling you the guy with the bad combover looks like he’s squeezing out a fart as opposed to getting down, but maybe not…

“Northumbria’s researchers at School of Life Sciences, filmed 19 male volunteers, aged 18-35, with a 3-D camera system as they danced to a basic rhythm. Their real-life movements were mapped onto feature-less, white, gender-neutral humanoid characters, or avatars, so that 35 heterosexual women could rate their dance moves without being prejudiced by each male’s individual level of physical attractiveness.” Thirty-Five? Really?? And UK birds at that? Not what we’d call an “extensive survey…”

More information on this stupiditystudy.”

Author: FutureMusic

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