Korg M01 Announced For Nintendo DS Platform

Following the success of the Korg DS-10 micro synth for the Nintendo DS platform, the Korg M01, a palm-sized Music Workstation based on the Korg M1, is set to debut for the holiday season.

The Korg M01 is multitimbral and had the original sound engine from the M1, scary when you consider the size difference between the two synths. The M01 will reportedly have over 300 presets, included new sounds, but will include some of the more renowned patches of the original. All presets can be organized by sound category in the browser, and you can modify the patches to some extent.

The M01 has a functional 8 track sequencer, mixer and effects such as reverb and delay. You can chances filters, note scales, there’s even a Kaoss feature, which puts some of the sound-shaping attributes of Korg’s innovative Kaosspad in the signal chain.

The M01 also features access to the DS/DSi’s Wi-Fi feature for exchanging patches and files with other users.

» 8-part multitimbral synthesizer with more than 300 sounds including whole of the original PCM data in the KORG M1 (maximum 12 voices)
» 8-track/16-step sequencer (maximum 64 steps per a sequence)
» 1 Master effect: Reverb or Delay
» Simple Interface: Track overview, Sound browser, Sequence edit, Mixer, and Keyboard
» Easy input mode for notes, chords, and drums with Touch control screen
» Exchange of song data between the others via Wi-Fi

The Korg M01 will be released in time for the holiday season.

Author: FutureMusic

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