Nine Volt Audio Releases Stickbreakers Vol 2: Ten Man Taiko

Nine Volt Audio has released Stickbreakers Vol 2: Ten Man Taiko, a sample set that presents ten percussionists playing ten deep and resonant Japanese taiko drums in a 1200 seat hall.

The playing was recorded from stage, balcony and two separate hall microphone positions, each capturing tight hits, loose hits, extra loose hits, tight rim hits, loose rim hits, tight stick clicks and loose stick clicks. The core content weighs in at over one gigabyte, with nearly 1400 samples.

Patches have been designed to meet a range of needs, from traditional open-air taiko ensembles to the sound of distant armies on the march.

» All pertinent sound and effect controls are accessible on the front interface.
» Mod wheel can lengthen or shorten the drums’ decay in every patch.
» Remap any patch on the fly with the turn of one knob.
» Patches to easily blend “Stage”, “Hall” and “Balcony” microphone positions.
» 1.06 GB of 44.1 kHz/24bit samples
» 18 Kontakt 3.5/4 instrument patches
» A wide range of articulations, some with as many as 111 samples per key, with a total of 1392 samples.
» User interface controls are available to control the depth of automatic sample rotation and other humanization features.
» Contains a “Master FX” patch capable of implementing 24 different FX chains.
» Each FX chain has alternate effects that can be cross-faded in real-time using the pitch bend wheel.
» Ensemble recordings were made with percussionists placed in suitable acoustic positions to accommodate composers wishing for accuracy in stereo width and depth.
» Patches are available with multi-microphone mix controls.
» User interface controls include: convolution reverb (with 14 custom IR .wavs), saturation, stereo width, velocity curve, low and high pass filters, delay, low, mid and high EQ gain, AHDSR, remap knob and humanization.
» Compatible with full retail versions of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 3.5 and up.

Nine Volt Audio’s Stickbreakers Vol 2: Ten Man Taiko is available now for $69.99. More information on Nine Volt Audio Stickbreakers Vol 2: Ten Man Taiko.

Author: FutureMusic

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