Vienna Symphonic Library Releases Vienna Instruments PRO

Vienna Symphonic Library has released Vienna Instruments PRO, a new software sample player based on their proprietary and improved audio engine.

Vienna Symphony PRO

While it provides full compatibility with all existing and future Vienna Instruments sample collections, it features several innovations, such as a Humanize function that brings human behavior into the virtual world of sample-based orchestral production.

Vienna Instruments PRO offers many options to customize patches and articulations to suit the user’s personal workflow, making the creative process faster and easier. With the innovative Human Performance Control feature users can adjust the performance accuracy in terms of timing and intonation of the virtual musicians in real-time, at the touch of a single fader. Up to eight instruments and articulations can be stacked in a single cell of a matrix, allowing for individual adjustments of volume and panning in the rack mixer and the creation of powerful multi-instruments in a single instance of Vienna Instruments PRO that even allow for polyphonic legato-playing.

Sample lengths of fixed performances, such as runs, fast repetitions or arpeggios can be matched to the required tempo with the time stretching tool. Users with a special interest in ancient or non-western music are presented with microtuning scales such as “just intonation”, Werckmeister or several Arabic, Turkish or Chinese scales, with an option for creating their own scales. Vienna Instruments PRO’s features include fast loading times, a new browser with a search function, built-in reverb and Equalizer, as well as an all-new user interface with basic and advanced views.

While the former Vienna Instruments Player is still included with any Vienna Instruments Collection as free software, the new Vienna Instruments PRO player will load all existing and future Vienna Instruments sample collections, including factory and user presets. Customers who purchase Vienna Instruments PRO through September 15, 2010, will receive the all-new download instrument Flugelhorn free of charge.

Vienna Instruments PRO is available as a download product in the webshops of the Vienna Symphonic Library and ILIO for $163 / €125. More information on Vienna Instruments PRO.

Author: FutureMusic

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