Griid – iPad/iPhone Ableton Controller Now Available

Griid, the Ableton Live control system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, is now available via Apple’s App Store.


With the focus performance and user-experience, Griid claims to provide an intuitive and transparent interface to the Ableton Live clip grid.

Griid is an advanced clip grid interface which allows you to control Ableton Live, running on your desktop or laptop, from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Using specially developed touch objects and simple gestures, Griid is carefully designed with the performance experience foremost in mind.

Griid is the only controller to offer explicit visual feedback and all the information you need about your clips, tracks and scenes. Easily see which clips are already playing or cueing and quickly spot the clip you want to launch next.

Replicating Live’s own clip names and colors, Griid’s representation of your Live set will be reassuringly familiar. See track and scene names; even your set’s color-coded scenes are clearly highlighted in Griid.

Quickly finding the clip you want to play is a number one priority. For this reason, Griid is finely tuned for rapid and fluid navigation. When a clip is nearby, an intuitive drag gesture on the side of the clip grid allows you to scroll to the desired location. When you need to search further away, take advantage of inertia scrolling by dragging and quickly releasing. If you’ve lost that killer hook and need to get back to it fast, simply tap on the corresponding track header to deliver that clip right to your fingertips.

One of the truly unique features of the Griid family is Overview. With most controllers, dealing with large sets can leave you in a bind, reluctantly reaching for the mouse. Overview generates a bird’s eye view of the whole live set, large or small, at the tap of a button. Touch anywhere in the Overview to jump immediately to that part. Clips at different ends of the Live set are suddenly next-door neighbors.

The quality of the whole experience really stands out. Griid is tightly synced to Live to the finest possible degree. Create, fold or unfold a group track in Live and Griid will change to represent this. Turn your iPad/iPhone from landscape to portrait and you smoothly reconfigure Griid’s dimensions from wide, displaying many tracks, to tall, with many scenes visible at once. Working with Griid requires minimal effort, leaving you to concentrate on the music.

Griid is a modular system and over the coming months, more control modules will become available.

Griid is available in three flavors:
» Griid Pro: Perform with an advanced clip grid interface utilising the iPad’s premium screen size
» Griid: Enjoy the same playful and inspiring Griid experience for iPhone and iPod Touch
» Griid Lite: Try a limited version of the Griid experience for free to make sure it integrates well with your setup before purchasing

More information on Griid.

Author: FutureMusic

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