MOTU Updates Digital Performer To 7.2

MOTU has updated Digital Performer to version 7.2, adding new features and enhancements, including customizable UI Themes, which allow users to completely change the look and feel of Digital Performer’s entire user interface with one click.

The supplied preset themes vary considerably, with names like “Carbon Fiber,” “Zen,” “Plasma,” and “Producer.” Users simply click a theme to apply an entirely different look to Digital Performer’s appearance on screen. Four shades of DP’s customary default look are also provided, from light to dark.

Power users with basic Photoshop skills can create their own themes by duplicating and modifying the factory-supplied themes, which are stored as standard .png graphic files in the Mac OS X Application Support folder. Users can also fine-tune waveform display colors and the color of audio level meters to carefully match their favorite theme. Other new features introduced in Version 7.2 include right-click menu access and live searching in list windows.

Digital Performer 7.2 is available now as a free download to registered Version 7 users. More information on Digital Performer 7.2.

Author: FutureMusic

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