Reforge – Audio Editor For Apple iPad

Reforge, an audio editor for the Apple iPad, has been released. With Reforge, you can edit the wave form directly just by touching it. Set selections to copy and paste within files or even paste from another file. Dynamically change volume for fade in effects or the remove unwanted clicks. Adjust stereo balance and set it to the far left channel for the beginning of the track continuously transferring over to the right channel for the end. Add stereo widening effects or bring it all to together to make is sound mono. Add high pass and low pass effects to start an intro, simulate a telephone conversation or just distort your sound.

In Reforge, you can use tracker knobs to adjust the many effect levels. Add as many trackers as you need by double tapping on the waveform. Move them around to generate the changes to the effect you need. Currently supported effects: Volume, Stereo balance, Stereo widening, Low pass filter and High pass filter. Reforge contains a help utility in Portrait mode which explains each function in detail, somewhat like the Help box in Ableton Live.

Use the built in wifi server to upload music in mp3, im4, wav, aif format, and use Audiocopy and Audiopaste to exchange music with other apps that support it. This enables you to interact with apps like Fourtrack. If you own AudioView, you will also be able to exchange audio with Beatmaker.

Reforge costs $9.99 and is available in the iTunes store. More information on Reforge.

Author: FutureMusic

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