YouRock Now Shipping MIDI Electric Guitar Controller

YouRock is now shipping their new MIDI Electric Guitar / Video Game controller. The YouRock could be the missing link between getting kids to transition from game god to rock god.

The YouRock guitar is a full-fledged MIDI controller that contains 25 guitars, 50 synths, 25 tracks, and 50 drum tracks all in one package. Experiment with 50 different tunings with just the click of a button. And the YouRock never goes out of tune.

The YouRock is also a Rock Band / Guitar Hero controller. So if you’re ready to move from pressing a bunch of colored buttons to actually playing the guitar, the YouRock Guitar could be your ticket.

With the built-in sounds, a headphone jack, and MIDI all housed inside the guitar, you’re always ready to rock, no matter where you go. Although, we haven’t gotten our hands on the puppy, the touch sensitive fretboard claims to feel just like a real guitar.
Disclaimer: the best quote from a professional guitarist on YouRock’s website states, “It feels much better than I expected.”
Translation: I thought it was sheer crap, but it actually works.

Heck, we could give a hoot how “it plays” as long as it does play. Reason? We feel that if Guitar Hero kids spent a portion of their time actually practicing a real guitar instead of a video game, we’d probably be producing more Eddie Van Halen’s…instead of burnouts. Well, in the case of Eddie, we’ll take a great guitarist who burned out…

» Digital guitar and full-fledged MIDI controller
» Full realistic playing fretboard. Real Metal Strings.
» Supports finger picking, slides and chord based playing
» Built in whammy bar allows note bending
» Fast & accurate response
» Output MIDI data directly to your computer and record your riffs
into Garage Band or any other DAW
» 25 guitars, 50 synths, 25 tracks, and 50 drum tracks in one
» No broken strings, no going out of tune
» Supports instant alternate tuning for playing different songs
» YouRock Mode teaches you to play popular songs
» Rock Band controller

The YouRock MIDI Guitar Controller only costs $199. More information on the YouRock MIDI Guitar Controller.

Author: FutureMusic

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