Roland Launches GAIA SH-01 Synth

Roland has announced that their GAIA SH-01 synth is now shipping. This 37-key compact synthesizer combines a classic panel layout reminiscent of vintage Roland synthesizers with the latest in Roland’s analog-modeling technology.

The GAIA SH-01 contains three virtual-analog sound engines, each with a dedicated oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LFO and features 64 note polyphony.

The selectable multi-effects of the GAIA SH-01 allow for the layering of up to five simultaneous effects. Onboard effects include reverb, distortion, fuzz, bit crash, flanger, phaser, pitch shifter, low boost, delay with panning, and tempo sync that can be controlled in real-time with the built-in D Beam.

The GAIA SH-01 front panel features dedicated knobs and faders for a variety of parameters, with no hidden menus. GAIA is perfect for learning the signal flow of synthesis, or for creating a dynamic live performance. Along with the included Arpeggiator is the Phrase Recorder, allowing synthesists to record, play back, and play over their recorded phrases of notes or knob tweaks.

The GAIA SH-01’s EXT input allows for connection and playback of external audio sources such as an MP3 player. Incoming audio can be manipulated with three Center Cancel modes, which let you eliminate pre-recorded vocals, guitar, or bass. GAIA also includes USB ports for streaming audio, transmitting and receiving MIDI data, and storing patches and phrases to a memory stick. It can be powered via AC or batteries.

Roland’s GAIA SH-01 costs $799 and is available now. More information on the Roland GAIA SH-01a>.

Author: FutureMusic

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