Fink Analog Audio Introduces CS2-FA Tube Channel Strip

Fink Analog Audio recently Introduced the CS2-FA, a vacuum tube dual channel strip with a preamplifier, equalizer and limiter. The two channel strips can be utilized for Dual Mono or Stereo (linked).

» Preamp Section: A three tube preamp in the vintage Putnam console style, with continuous Gain and Level controls.
» Equalizer Section: A passive parametric three-band EQ in the classic Pultec style, with all the familiar frequencies and curves.
» Limiter Section: A unique two tube implementation of the UREI 1176, preserving the FET attenuator character and controls of the original.

You can track two different mics through the CS2-FA, or record a
stereo pair. Fink claims that tracking through the box during mix down provides a “great real analog ‘plug-in’ (times two)”

The Fink CS2-FA is available now and costs $3999. More information on the Fink CS2-FA.

Author: FutureMusic

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