Friday Madness: VJ Franz K Unveils Franken-iPad Performance Rig

From the “Remember Kids, Don’t Smoke Crack” files comes this iPad “device” from the VJ Franz K (not someone who should be left alone with kids).

Franz K has strapped together a couple of Korg Kaoss entries and his iPad to create this mentally-challenged rig, which is only lacking one thing: a holder for a tube of his favorite hair-gel.

Warning: You will lose approximately 30 IQ points for a period of one hour after viewing this video.

Challenge: Can you watch the entire video listening to his creepy voice-over and viewing his Amiga Video Toaster effects without clicking away? Can you?? PLEASE SEE WARNING ABOVE

PS. One of the apps he’s, ah, rocking, is 4Pocket’s Aurora, which is currently in our review process…

Author: FutureMusic

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