Phil Wagner Taking Over Marketing For Novation & Focusrite In US


Phil Wagner has been tasked to take over the marketing of Novation and Focusrite brands in the United States. Wagner has set up base in Los Angeles to spearhead the promotion of these vibrant UK brands.

Industry observers initially offered that the UK concern was displeased by the current marketing efforts of American Music & Sound who didn’t do much thinking out of the box. We spoke to Wagner about the change and he simply offered that the company wanted to “take a more hands on approach to the marketing in the US in order to stimulate further growth.”

Focusrite/Novation desired “direct involvement in the US market” and sought to be more involved in “every aspect of marketing and branding.” Although Wagner will be piloting the Focusrite/Novation ship, American Music & Sound will still provide their meat ‘n’ potatoes brand of marketing via their Music Creation Division and will continue to distribute the brands.

The Future: This is a savvy move for Focusrite/Novation. Creating a beachhead in the States, and leveraging Wagner’s extensive branding experience, bodes well for the company who is clearly interested in stimulating growth in the vibrant US market beyond stale, cookie-cutter initiatives.
With the creation of Focusrite/Novation US this Spring, Wagner & Co. will have enough lead time to bring their new strategy up to speed for the upcoming holiday season. And that’s where Focusrite/Novation UK will be able to gauge if this strategic maneuver has paid off…

Author: FutureMusic

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