Sound Magic Unleashes Dynamic Master – Custom Compressor Platform

Sound Magic has debuted Dynamic Master, a customizable compressor plug-in. Dynamic Master claims to give you “the power to actually create your own hi-end compressor/limiter” with no programming knowledge needed. Other modular tools require you to wire, rewire and add different modules, but Dynamic Master’s simple-to-use interface features knobs, switches and drop-down menus to make shaping your sound simple and straightforward.

» Dynamic Master gives you absolute control over the sound to achieve total transparency or garage band grunge.
» Two Individual Dynamic Processors enable the user to shape complex dynamic curves.
» Advanced Routing System provides choices for different kinds of dynamic processing: Compressor, Limiter, Expander, Series Compression, Parallel Compression and Side Chain Compression.
» Envelope Controls enable users try out different Envelopes and even design new envelope types to achieve different sound styles.
» Two Auto Behavior Editors allow users to design their desired auto release/attack behavior for each dynamic processor
» User-friendly.
» Dynamic Master supports third party add-ons

To spark innovation, Sound Magic is allowing third party developers to design and publish new Dynamic Master processors or emulate vintage compressor/limiter gear — and even sell it online! What’s more, with the Developer Edition, developers can create and export commercial VSTs, creating entirely new processors for use in any digital audio workstation.

Sound Magic’s Dynamic Master costs €79 and is available now. More information on Sound Magic Dynamic Master.

Author: FutureMusic

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