16tone Releases Vogue Quattro – Free Virtual Synth For Mac

16tone has released Vogue Quattro, a free, standalone, four-voice synth for Mac OS X (Intel-based only). It has microtonal capabilities and it comes with a library of more than 3,000 presets. We can’t tell you much more than this, but here’s a feature set…

» four-voice polyphonic PCM synthesizer
» three oscillators per voice, each endowed with square wave sub-oscillator (1 or 2 octaves lower)
» true monophonic mode (plays three voices at unison, nine oscillators in total)
» 88 raw waveforms including white noise
» single LFO with 6 waveforms
» ring modulator
» easy-access modulation matrix
» scale-relative pitch-bend (self-adapting to tuning scale steps with microtonal precision)
» 64 factory preset programs
» receives MIDI tuning standard SysEx messages
» compatible with Max Magic Microtuner mtx – tuning files
» includes library of 3,000+ tuning files

16tone’s Vogue Quattro is free and available now. More information on 16 tone Vogue Quattro.

Author: FutureMusic

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