Rupert Neve Unleashes 5017 Mobile DI / Pre / Compressor

Rupert Neve Designs has unleashed the Portico 5017 Mobile DI/Pre/Compressor. Comprised of a stiff, portable chassis with the Portico preamp, compressor and DI circuitry, the 5017 features two-channel operation, Vari-phase, Silk, and DI/mic blending capabilities.

Based around a new LDR (light dependent resistor) design, the 5017’s opto-coupler compressor has been simplified to a single threshold control with auto make-up gain. By default the compressor is set to a fixed 2:1 ratio with an internal jumper to change between standard and fast time constants. To set the compressor, simply dial the threshold control down until the desired amount of compression is achieved. A built-in LED indicates when the compressor is active.

Used as a two-channel device, a vocalist and a guitar player, for example, can take the5017 wherever they go, using the 5017 for a vocal mic pre and compressor as well as a separate DI for the guitar. To achieve this, the blend control should be selected as fully DI (blend off), and an internal jumper can be selected to apply the compressor to the mic pre signal. When engaged, Silk mode would affect both vocal and guitar tracks; the HPF control would affect only the mic path.

Used as a single-channel device for instruments, the 5017 can be used to phase align, combine and compress direct and amplified signals. The blend control is used for mixing direct and amplified signals to achieve the desired tonal blend between the two sources, and Vari-phase is used to minimize or attenuate phase cancellation between the two signals. To compress the blended signal, the internal compressor jumper must be set to the blend path (this is the default setting). This technique could also be used to create a single, mixed output of a guitar and vocal.

Rupert Neve’s 5017 costs $1195 and is available now. More information on the Rupert Neve Designs 5017.

Author: FutureMusic

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