de la Mancha Premiers Urban Decay Multiband Distortion Plug-In For Windows

The mad scientists at de la Mancha have premiered a new Windows VST plug-in dubbed Urban Decay. This budget plug-in is touted as a multi-band distortion effect, with “13 different flavors of dirt across 3 perfectly split frequency bands.”

Urban Decay contains seven different distortion types, each designed to dirty up your audio. The effects can be used as single entities or combined to create massive mayhem. Three of the distortion effects contain 3 algorithms each, allowing for more “tweaking to get the filth quota just right.”

If you desire different amounts of distortion across the bass, mids and highs frequencies, Urban Decay allows you to adjust the wet/dry mix level and volume across these frequency bands to dial in the exact the sound you’re looking for. You can accurately adjust the split points of the 3 bands and there is zero-phasing and zero-crossover, due to using the inversion method.

» 3 band distortion effect with 13 flavors of dirt
» 7 distortion effects, with 13 combinations
» 3 bands can be split by frequency or layered at full spectrum
» Splits can be adjusted to 1Hz accuracy
» Split method uses inversion, so there is no crossover or phasing
» Each band can be adjusted for wet/dry mix level and volume
» Each band can be muted for sound design or dual/single band operation
» Each effect can be muted for sound design or to save CPU
» Master wet/dry mix level and volume
» Optional soft or hard limiting
» 40 presets

de la Mancha’s Urban Decay costs just $15 bucks and is available now as a VST plug-in for Windows. More information on de la Mancha Urban Decay.

Author: FutureMusic

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