Retronyms Releases Synth – iPad App Based On Casio SK-1

Retronyms has released Synth, an iPad synth/sampler app based on the Casio SK-1. There really isn’t squat in terms of a feature list or specs but this is what they have to say: “It comes packed with over 40 instruments and a series of effects to play with. Tweak the Mod wheel to adjust LFO or filters, while the delay and distortion knobs create a wide range of great sounding effects.” Sorry folks, but that’s it…

You can sample the world around you utilizing the iPad mic, and then play it back on the keyboard. They did manage to spend about 5 minutes making a video demo, but yeesh, you spent all this time creating a nice app for the iPad, why not properly market the endeavor?

“More” information on the Retronyms Synth iPad app.

Author: FutureMusic

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