Native Instruments Releases Alicia’s Keys – C3 Neo Grand Piano Emulator

Native Instruments just released Alicia’s Keys, a sample-based emulator of Alicia Keys’ personal grand piano. Developed in close collaboration with the uber-talented, Grammy-winning artist, NI claims the software is being used as the primary instrument on her new album and on the current world tour.

Designed as a digital recreation of Alicia Keys’ own custom Yamaha “C3 Neo” grand piano, and based on Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler platform, Alicia’s Keys provides a soulful and intimate piano sound that was designed to accompany R&B, soul and pop styles. Utilizing 17 GB of high-resolution samples with 12 discrete velocity layers per note, and emulation of sonic aspects like key release, sustain pedal functionality and sympathetic resonance, Alicia’s Keys sets “a benchmark in the digital recreation of acoustic instruments.” We’re sure the quality of this C3 emulator is quality since NI is all class, but the German company is certainly pushing the “marketing spin” envelope on this one…

Alicia’s Keys is available now for $119 / €99. More information on Alicia’s Keys.

Author: FutureMusic

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