ICON Global Unveils 3 New MIDI Controllers

ICON Global is a small company based out of Middleton, WI that has caused a minor stir by announcing three DJ/Electronic Music production controllers. The concern, run by Steve Cohen, has partnered with a Chinese manufacturer to release a staggering amount of gear that you’ve never heard of including MIDI keyboard controllers, MIDI interfaces and now these three intriguing MIDI controllers.

The i.DJ is a small DJ controller based on the turntable paradigm.

» High resolution pulse sensor Touch sensor scratch wheel platters
» Touch wheels sensitivity adjustable
» Vertical volume control faders
» Vertical tempo control faders
» Horizontal cross fader control
» 2×3-band EQ control knobs – Hi, Mid and Low (reassign able)
» Balance control knobs (reassignable)
» Gain control knobs (reassignable)
» 8 reassignable backlit buttons including “Vinyl Mode”, “Sync”, “Loop > “, “Loop < ", "Out", "In" & "Cue". » 4 extra assignable knobs for effect control » 8 extra assignable backlit buttons » iMap midi mapping software included » Extremely compact and designed to compliment the Apple MacBook » Class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista (32 bit), and Mac OS X » USB bus-powered » Available in Black and White » Aluminum cover is optional » Custom laser-engraving service

The ICON i.Creative is a sort of KAOSS Launchpad dealio.

» Large and touch sensitive screen
» 8 x 16 notes layout on x and y axis
» 8 x 16 LED embedded
» 6 difference modes selectable for the touch screen
1. Piano: X-axis as 16 notes and Y-axis as 8 steps of modulation
2. Drum: Touch screen divided into 8 drum pads.
3. Fader: X-axis divided into 8 portions for 8 faders and Y-axis as sliding up and down for volume change
4. Creativ 1-3: User simply rub, stroke, or tap to the touch screen to instantly create complex phrases with a single finger.
» AirLight 3D effector
» 20 arpeggio presets with tempo
» 4-assignable encoders
» 2-assignable potentiometers
» 8-assignable buttons
» 8-layer change buttons for switching form one layer to another
» 1-assignable fader
» 2-segment LED screen
» 1-encoder for jog wheel
» Octave Up and Down buttons
» Transpose Up and Down buttons
» iMap midi mapping software included

Finally, the iStage is a half-pint Launchpad.

» 3 set of “4×4” velocity sensitive drum pads
» 4×12 buttons are equipped with dual color LED
» 17-buttons with red LED
» Buttons assignable for “Pan” control
» Buttons assessable for “Volume” control
» 4 difference modes including DJ / Effector / DAW and Drummer for difference applications.
» 2-segment LED display
» 1-encoder for jog wheel for fast scroll
» 1-assisable fader
» iMap midi mapping software included
» Class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista (32 bit), and Mac OS X
» USB bus-powered
» Available in Black and White

No pricing has been announced, but they’re scheduled to ship to some destinations starting this summer. More information on the new ICON MIDI controllers.

Author: FutureMusic

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