A Designs Releases NAIL Compressor

A Designs Audio, Inc. has released the HM2 NAIL Compressor, a Feedback, Diode baised design combined with tubes, which contains three defining features Hard Threshold, Filter and Mix.

One feature that A Designs notes that is missing from the NAIL is the Ratio setting control. It has been replaced with a “Variable Ratio.” This means that the ratio will change as the settings of the Threshold and Hard Threshold are changed along with the amount of gain reduction. You may, or may not, need to adjust Attack and Release, depending on your tastes.

The Mix feature allows for endless combinations of mixing the sound of the Nail’s compression with your audio signal path. You can go from your signal (Dry) to full on compression, depending upon your need or taste. This means you can perform the maximum compression on a signal, such as drums, then blend it into the audio path, something that A Designs claims is not found on most compressors.

The Filter is a Variable High Pass Filter on the side chain so that selected frequencies below are not triggered by the gain reduction. This feature, in combination with the Hard Threshold and Threshold, allows you to select the frequency or frequencies you wish to compress. This is by no means a “multi-band compressor” where you can isolate and compress, but it works somewhat along those lines.

A Designs claim that great deal of thought and consideration went into the decision to use an LED array as opposed to the traditional VU meters you would most likely see on a compressor. Aesthetics and personal taste are involved and we chose a combination of “Old School and Modern Look.” But, plain old work environment dictates that the LEDs can be seen from across a dark studio much easier than a backlit VU meter and in some cases with more accuracy.

The NAIL was designed with the 2 Buss in mind. It is with this that the feature of a Stereo Link Switch was developed. All the functions on both channels in Stereo Link Mode will be controlled via channel 1 (with the exception of Gain and Mix).

The A Designs NAIL compressor is available now for $2850. More information on the A Designs NAIL Compressor.

Author: FutureMusic

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