FeelTune Announces Rhizome Groove Machine

Now this could be total nonsense, but FeelTune has come out with their own electronic music production center, which claims to have the functionality of a MPC5000 or a DBeat, but in a more compact chassis. The company is not providing much concrete details except this video below, which only demonstrates how NOT to dance in front of a piece of hardware, and an anorexic feature list.

FeelTune claims the Rhizome is “easy to use like a groove machine, powerful like the latest computer technology, and empowered by the versatility of plugins. Today the Rhizome is the only box combining samplers, mixing desk, sequencers and synthesizers, totally open and compatible with VSTs.”

Here’s the extensive list of Features:
» Unique large display areas
» Optimal user experience
» Advanced real-time capabilities
» Innovative interface
» Wide range of instruments and effects available

Now whoever is doing their PR should be taken out back and beaten with a sharp stick, because this “release” is rubbish…even for preliminary information.

“More” information on FeelTune’s Rhizome.

Author: FutureMusic

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