MIDIKatapult Launches Advanced Mapping Software For Novation LaunchPad

Katapult is new flexible mapping application for Mac OS X and Windows designed for the Novation Launchpad that goes far beyond Automap. It allows you to map customizable multipage-layouts to the Launchpad and send the MIDI output to any application or device. It also supports bi-directional communication, meaning that your software can update the controls on the Launchpad surface if desired.

Map up to 16 pages of different layouts to the Launchpad. Katapult supports bi-directional communication. Twist a knob in your software, and the corresponding control on the Launchpad is updated like 21st century motorised faders. Want one controller to update another? Katapult lets you chain controllers together for multidimensional modulations. You can even customize the colors of the LaunchPad’s buttons. Nice!

Controller Types Features:
» Hold buttons
» Toggle buttons
» Horizontal/vertical faders
» Horizontal/vertical sliders
» Indicator LEDs
» 2D Pads
» Meters
» Progress bars
» Note output
» CC output
» Drumracks
» Keyboard macros

Katapult costs $23.95 and is available now. More information no Katapult.

Author: FutureMusic

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