Crysonic Updates Sindo Stereo Image Widener To Version 3.5

Crysonic has updated Sindo to version 3.5. The latest version of Sindo is Crysonics third Generation Professional stereo image Expander (widener) / Narrowing Audio plug-in Processor. Version 3.5 introduces new features such as customizable UI interface colors and an industry first Stereo image compression feature — this is not to be confused with audio level compression however it is a proprietary stereo field width compression system developed by crysonic which is fully automated and working at zero latency allowing the user to attain maximum stereo width and retain mono compatibility with minimal side effects.

Another important and proprietary tool made available with Sindo is the multi-band Stereo Dynamics section with smoothing, which further adds better stereo presence and definition without coloring the sound. Low frequency stereo separation can also be separately targeted with adjustable cut-off frequencies and width amounts together with the ability to preview. Sindo 3.5 features a unique stereo field display showing information regarding stereo phase coherence/ correlation and compression amounts for both Left and Right Channels when active. These and many other enhancements are now part of Sindo V3.

Sindo 3.5 offers a uniquely powerful stereo toolkit for digital editing, mastering and tracking for all stereo audio material. Sindo allows to dramatically broaden and ‘sweeten’ the spaciousness of the stereo image whilst retaining mono compatibility and not affecting the tonal character of the original sound. The Global and individually adjustable frequency Rotations can be used to Pan the center stereo image without altering the mix level balance.

Designed for efficiency Sindo 3.5 comprises of an intuitive user interface with full automation of all parameters and new enhancements such as the ability to double click on any dial to set it to default. The fatiguing ‘phasiness’ found in other processors of this type has been avoided by adhering to established audio engineering principals. Two Phase-compensated Hi and Low Shufflers are also included to further enhance and improve the spaciousness without introducing unwanted artifacts.

Crysonic’s Sindo 3.5 costs $129 and comes in the Native Universal Binary AU, VST flavor for Mac and VST for PC users. There’s a New Release Special for $50.95 until the 4th of March 2010, regular price $129 All previous Crysonic customers can purchase Sindo for $31.95. More information on Crysonic Sindo 3.5.

Author: FutureMusic

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