Sequentix Announces Cirklon Hardware Sequencer

Don’t know exactly why Sequentix Music has decided to develop a dedicated hardware sequencer for 1000 quid, but they recently announced that they are updated their P3 dealio. The new unit, dubbed the Cirklon, is a totally new hardware sequencer design, with software based on the P3, but greatly improved both in usability and internal operation.

The user-interface is based around a 240×64 pixel graphic LED display, 19 rotary encoders with push-switches, 2 assignable knobs, 35 high-quality Cherry keys with integrated LEDs, and a further 35 tri-colour status LEDs. Cirklon has 16 tracks, with 5 independent MIDI INs and OUTs to connect a large number of controllers and synths/sound modules while keeping MIDI latency to a minimum. There will also be USB MIDI, native CV/gate support, and a dedicated DIN sync output. You can watch the video below, but it’s not very exciting, nor shows off the Cirklon’s mojo…

The 32-bit, 72MHz ARM Cortex CPU runs a proprietary sequencer engine to ensure optimum timing accuracy. All MIDI ports are provided by hardware serial ports in the CPU core itself. The CV/gate connectivity will be available in two levels – a pair of 12-bit resolution CV and gate outputs, or an external CV breakout box with a large number of CV outs (details to be finalized). Pattern storage is comprised of 2MB battery-backed internal RAM and 512MB internal NAND flash, with a SD/MMC card socket for data backup.

Sequentix claims the Cirklon will go into production when they get around to finalizing the design of the production enclosure with shipping in low volume to begin sometime at the end of March…or April…or May…

Author: FutureMusic

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