de la Mancha Releases Bassbomb For Windows

The nutters at de la Mancha have released Bassbomb, a monophonic, bass synthesizer focused on creating a wide range of bass sounds that they describe as: punchy, chunky, squelchy and fat with a sprinkling of dirt on top. It does everything from dubstep wobble, electro house dirt, funky bounce, breakbeat dirt, hiphop boom, acid squelch and more besides. As well as bass lines it’s also happy banging out kick drums and bass drops, with a pure sine sub osc to really nail that low end.

Bassbomb features custom waveforms, a composite filter and non-linear envelopes to give that old school synth sound, with 2 LFOs and 3 envelopes to really make stuff move around. Unison, oscillator sync, ring modulation and dirt all add to the flavour and a tempo-sync arpeggiator is the cherry on top.

de la Mancha’s Bassbomb is available now for $24 bucks as a Windows VST plug-in. More information on de la Mancha Bassbomb.

Author: FutureMusic

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