Korg Announces Sound On Sound Recorder

Korg has announced the Sound On Sound (SOS) Unlimited Track Recorder, which enables musicians to capture and develop musical ideas as they happen, wherever they are. Battery-powered and completely self-contained, the SOS contains a high-quality stereo microphone and a built-in speaker for all-in-one recording and monitoring.

Unlike other portable recorders (even multitrack), the SOS allows for an infinite number of overdubs or alternate takes to be recorded. Each track, take, or overdub is recorded as an individual CD-quality 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV file, and saved directly to a microSD or microSDHC card. Accurate BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) timing information is embedded in each track, meaning all tracks will automatically line up when imported into a computer-based DAW system for further editing, mixdown, and final playback. The SOS can record up to 200 songs in the traditional linear manner, or be set to loop a specific section. Memory consumption is roughly 100 recorded minutes per GB (gigabyte).

» Realtime control using the LCD touchscreen
» 100 effect programs derived from Korg’s REMS modeling technology
» Built-in Guitar, Bass, and Chromatic tuners
» Fifty internal rhythm patterns (with four variations each), providing a solid, steady beat
» Sound Stretch function that can alter the playback speed without affecting the pitch, for practice and study applications
» Backlit touchscreen display that offers extreme ease of use
Unlimited Undo function
» Free software provides basic audio editing and easy CD burning
» Compact design that allows tabletop or handheld operation
» Internal microphone
» 1/4″ balanced instrument input
» 1/8″ mic input
» 1/8″ stereo line input
» Stereo headphone output

The Korg Sound On Sound (SOS) recorder will be available sometime in April 2010 for $399. More information on the Korg Sound On Sound recorder.

Author: FutureMusic

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