Bach Technology Announces MusicDNA Format

Bach Technology, a music coding company from German, has unveiled what it calls the successor to the ubiquitous MP3 file format, MusicDNA. (…we’ve heard this before. —Ed.)

Bach claims the MusicDNA format contains additional music content as part of the file including lyrics, artwork and tour dates to blog posts, videos and twitter feeds. This additional content appears alongside the MP3 in a App-driven player that is freely available to download. The content dynamically updates whenever the player is connected to the internet, ensuring fans always receive the most up to date information alongside their music.

Only legitimately purchased tracks will automatically update, and pirated versions will remain as static files, giving fans what Bach considers a tangible benefit in purchasing MusicDNA files. We think not. The MP3 phenom is not about a file format, it’s about FREE.

The Future: Dead On Arrival. While the inclusion of broad meta data in a music file is nice, albeit nothing new, it will not entice P2P users who normally get their music for free, to suddenly start purchasing music.

Author: FutureMusic

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