KickPort Reintroduces The Bass Drum Tone Enhancer

KickPort rolled out their KickPort Bass Drum Tone Enhancer at this past Summer NAMM, but didn’t have enough marketing cash to push it out to the masses even though the product won a “Best In Show” award. The KickPort is a bass drum innovation designed to improve the sound of any bass drum. The versatile, affordable KickPort allows tone control, tuning, head selection and mic placement in any playing situation and is quick and easy to install.

According to legendary touring and studio drummer Kenny Aronoff, “The Kickport adds punch, power and low end.” Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty, Eric Clapton) adds, “Warm, powerful and musical; the Kickport gives me the tone I love to hear.”

The claims the KickPort’s patented design creates a deeper, fatter yet more focused bass drum sound. In addition to traditional venting that allows the movement of the air in and out of the drum, the KickPort actually slows the air exiting the drum by restricting and compressing the flow of air through its tube, and then allows the rapid expansion or relaxation of the air through its flared opening. At the same time, The KickPort enhances the low frequencies and dampens the vibration of the head; reducing the need for inconsistent and often ineffective internal muffling or dampening materials. The cumulative effect of this natural tone control and sonic enhancement is a cleaner, more powerful sound with a lower fundamental frequency that can be felt and heard both by the listening audience and the drummer behind the kit. The drummer experiences a more comfortable response from the batter head, as well.

The KickPort is available now for $56 bucks. More information on the KickPort.

Author: FutureMusic

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