Regen Announces New Solar Audio Products

Regen, a new company out of San Francisco, CA, has announced several provocative solar-powered audio products for 2010. The technology behind all of their products is the Regen Smart Power Architecture (SPA) ? a patented solar collection, storage, and hybrid power-management platform.

Regen is leveraging this new architecture to power several audio products including the Reverb (shown above) and the BeBop. The ReVerb pairs the ability to draw power from the sun or a traditional electric outlet with a flat format speaker that the company claims to provide “excellent sound reproduction.”

When fully charged the ReVerb can provide up to 12 hours of high quality audio reproduction of the media files stored on an iPhone, iPod Touch or any media player with a headphone jack. Sounds great, so what’s the downside? The price. All this solar powered sleekness will set you back a whopping $2,299.

Reverb Features:
» Integrated photovoltaic panel generates power from light
» Powered by solar or electric power
» Generates sound equivalent to a 60-watt conventional speaker

The Bebop is not currently on Regen’s website, but it has been featured in Fast Company magazine and bring solar sexiness to the over-saturated iPod Dock market. It contains a solar panel on the device’s sloped back and speakers on the front in a Gattaca-inspired design. Regen claims the sound quality will rival the current high-water mark of several high-end brands. It will reportedly retail for $699.

More information on Regen Solar Audio.

Author: FutureMusic

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