SoundToys Launch Decapitator Public Beta

The evil geniuses at SoundToys have cooked up a little holiday plug-in effects cake for your enjoyment. They have launched a public beta of their new Decapitator analog saturation plug-in… We discussed their new entry at this year’s AES show with the team at SoundToys, and we have to say that if you’re a fan of their effects, you should point your browser to the link below, pronto. Here’s what they have to say:...

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Image-Line Releases Harmless Virtual Synth For Windows

UPDATED! Image-Line has released Harmless, an additive synthesizer doing subtractive synthesis. Or, a subtractive synthesizer powered by an additive synthesis engine. What’s Image-Line’s angle? Apparently the company feels that “there are too many subtractive synthesizers already, often bragging about being virtual analog. This one is digital, and proud to be. Everything is fake, the tone generator, the filter &...

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