Thermionic Culture’s Little Bustard Valve Summing Mixer Now Available

Thermionic Culture has released Little Bustard, their second valve-summing-mixer which has been designed to complement the Fat Bustard by increasing the number of inputs channels. However, the new 19″ 2u Little Bustard can be used independently by itself as a stand alone mixer.

Features include 16 input channels arranged as 6x stereo pairs with fixed gain at unity level with on/off switches, 4x mono inputs with mute switches and pan pots which can be defeated by another switch adding an extra 6dB of gain. The master output section has independent left right 31 position output indented pots with a gain range from 17db to +2db.

The valve stages use a pair of ECC83/12AX7 on the gain stage, and a pair of PC86s for the output stage. The master section will also have a simple output level indicator. To create a monster-summing mixer, The Little Bustard’s outputs can be plugged into the Fat Bustard’s AUX inputs increasing the number of channels to 28.

More information on the Thermionic Culture Little Bustard.

Author: FutureMusic

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