Serato & Ableton To Unveil Collaboration At NAMM

Serato and Ableton have announced that they will be making an announcement. Nothing better than hyping an announcement with an announcement and then having the media make an announcement about the forthcoming announcement, but that’s just what we’re going to do, because we just love announcements. Really.

So here it is:

[A long time ago, in a Galaxy far away…] Ableton and Serato announced a creative partnership. One year later, we’re hard at work to make our products play nice together, and we’re gearing up for a big unveiling on January 14, 2010, at the winter NAMM show in Aneheim, California. Keep your eyes peeled on and for more news.

We’re not letting the cat out of the bag just yet, other than to say if you own Ableton Live, and any of the DJ products that use Serato software, get ready to unleash your creativity in 2010!

So the speculation is growing about what exactly the fruit of this collaboration will be…
Simply Serato’s DVS inside of Ableton? Serato inside of Ableton with Max4Live as the middleware with programmable features. Support for beatgrids (M-Audio Torq tempo anchors) with variable tempo? And so on…

Now here’s the kicker: If Ableton “opens” up their software for outside development via Max4Live, and incorporates a rock solid DVS system a la Serato, they will certainly leap ahead of their competitors who are attempting to claim some territory in the Digital DJing land rush.

In addition, with Ableton (and Serato) partnering with a variety of hardware manufacturers, they have effectively multiplied their hardware development cycles allowing them to increase their lead in that arena as well. A solid strategy on many levels…if they can deliver on the integration promise and the hardware companies develop products that Ableton users actually want…

Author: FutureMusic

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